Dr. LuBovich - The Art of Dentistry

Dr. LuBovich: Your Smile, Your Way
Nashville's #1 Dentist and Prosthodontist

There is a rule even more helpful than the Golden Rule; it is “Do unto others as they would have it done unto them.” Our philosophy, in all services, is to make our services special for that particular patient. This is true for a new smile, implant patient care, making superior dentures for special needs patients, and everything we do! All patients are “Special”, and uniquely blessed by God!


Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. L listens to what beauty is in the eyes of a patient, and makes their smile, their way! Dr. L loves to collaborate in the creation of beautiful smiles!


Implant Dentistry

Dr. L is a pioneer in Implant Dentistry. His National colleagues say: Dr. L. wrote the book on Implant dentistry!


Our Nashville Facility

From the entrance way, through the reception room and dental labs, attention to artistic detail is exhibited throughout! Dr. L’s Lab creates patients’ art, his way!

Nashville's Number 1 Smile Designers!
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All photos on website are of our actual patients. What can Dr. L do for you?